About me

I’m a technical consultant for machine learning, mainly interested in risk management applications,
fraud prevention and behavioral analytics, but not only, any good challenge is welcome!

In my past, I’ve led a development team for PayPal dealing with technical solutions for seller risk management,
and co-founded Wonga’s risk management site in Tel-Aviv to tackle fraudsters in the personal loans business.

I’m pretty agile, a fast learner who doesn’t use the word “can’t” much. Although I’ve built fully production
systems in my past with many technologies and dev-ops constraints, I’m generally more attracted to data-related
projects, prototyping some revolutionary ideas and anything that can ignite my imagination.

I’m a very big fun of all kind of MOOCs and do everything I can to find some time for at least one Coursera/Edx/Udacity course at any given time. Their subjects vary from Deep Learning,
Music Theory
and even History.
All courses linked above are highly recommended!

My favorite post in the website is Generating Random Polygons. It started as a sub task for something else and I absolutely didn’t expect it to take that much time. Unfortunately, no-one really searches Google for ‘random polygons’, and so it is one of the least viewed pages on my site. I still like it!

Don’t hesitate emailing or skyping, I don’t bite and if I’m available I’d love to have a chat on almost anything interesting!